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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I determine what size I need?

  2. Do I need to attach the rest to the work surface?

  3. Why is forearm support so important?

  4. What is the best way to set up my work area to avoid injury?

  5. I have carpal tunnel problems. Can your products help me return to work?

  6. Do you make rests for the new ergonomic keyboards?

  7. Can your products be cleaned? How?

  8. How much does it cost to ship my order?

How do I determine what size I need?

Our products come in two (3) standard sizes. Most people (around 95%) fit our average sized products. Please see our detailed sizing guidelines for additional information.

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Do I need to attach my rest to the work surface ?

We previously sold rests and clamps seperately but found that only 3% of our rests were ordered without clamps. If the rest is adequately supported underneath the rest to the ends of the rest it can be used without attachment. Most people find that the rest is more stable when clamped to the work surface. Our inclusion of a clamp with our rest products is intended to simplify your purchase. Our rests can be purchased without a clamp upon request.

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Why is forearm support important ?

Our bodies were not designed to do repetitive work of such a specialized nature. Many jobs require our bodies to perform static work (holding a position) and dynamic work (such as typing) at the same time. The static work tenses up some of the same muscles that are being asked to perform the dynamic work. When this happens the tense muscles reduce blood flow to the muscles. This causes fatigue, leads to pain and eventually to injury. Please review some of the artcles that we have posted concerning these issues. These papers have been presented at national and international safety conferences.

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What is the best way to setup my workstation to avoid injury?

The most important thing to remember when setting up your own worstation is to focus on comfort. Fit the work flow to your body instead of forcing yourself to fit it. Corner worstation setups work best for computer use because of the reduced reach distances that can be incorporated. Please see our detailed setup instructions on our download pagefor additional information. It is available as an Adobe PDF file for online viewing or downloading.

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I have carpal tunnel problems. Can your products help me get back to work??

Our products were initially developed to allow injured individuals to return to work. We work extensively with doctors and therapists to solve application issues and allow people who have been injured to return to work. Our testimonials drazmatically support this fact. 

"Using a MorencyRest has allowed me to return to work.", Alice M. telemarketer

"I used to visit a chiropractor weekly to allow me to work. I haven’t been back since installing my MorencyRest!"  Claire G. transcriptionist

"Using the MorencyRest has really decreased the pain in my neck and shoulders caused by long sessions at the microscope." Maggie O., MT(ASCP), Supervisor of Microbiology, Mercy Hospital, Portland, ME

"My comfort and productivity has increased significantly." Mary D. administrative assistant

"MorencyRests have proven to be very effective in reducing excess demand placed on shoulder, neck, and upper extremity muscles while computing. Reducing this demand has helped decrease muscular-skeletal symptoms of computer operators." Alan Brown, P.T., A.T.C., Owner Granite Hill Physical Therapy

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Do you make rests for the new, ergonomic keyboards?

Absolutely! Please see our ergonomic keyboards product page for additional information. If your keyboard isn't listed just contact us to inquire about your favorite keyboard. We can make a rest for any keyboard. We may need an outline of your keyboard with the location of the "B" and "N" identified to fabricate a custom rest. Custom products are made at a nominal extra cost.

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Can your product be cleaned? How?

The three bar knit fabric that we use wears very well. It was developed to wick away moisture, minimizing effects of hot and humid environments.  It can easily be cleaned with upholstery cleaner. We have found Lustre Clene upholstery cleaner to be very effective.It is available from us for $3.00 (approximately 20 applications.)  See our cleaner page for additional information. Click here to go to our online ordering system for Lustre Clene

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How Much Does it Cost To Ship My Product to me?

Go to our Shipping page for a table showing our UPS Shipping costs. When your order ships you will receive an email message containing tracking information for your order.

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